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Intratel At Work

Intratel Communications has provided affordable full-service communications solutions for many small and medium size businesses. Every business is different so your phone system should be unique to your own situation as well.

Spectrum Patient Services (SPS)

Spectrum Patient Services (SPS) was undergoing a major expansion when they found that they had reached the limit of their current telephone infrastructure. Intratel replaced the legacy telephone system with an adaptable and scalable PBX system that would grow with their business. Significant cost savings have since been realized through reduced intra-office long distance charges and system management costs. In addition, they have been able to enhance the customer experience with their company through better queue management options.

Kodarin Industries and BlueSky Process Solutions

Kodarin Industries and BlueSky Process Solutions shared an office space and ownership, but had separate phone systems and multiple telephone bills. Intratel upgraded the two companies’ Internet connection and consolidated their telephones and billing onto one system, while maintaining company specific phone numbers. Both companies’ telephone costs have been reduce by at least 50% month over month, and users have been especially impressed with the integration of the phone system with their Outlook/Exchange messaging system.

Connex Health

Connex Health was planning a decentralization of their operations in order to realize greater efficiencies from their employees, and as part of the process were downsizing and moving the company to a new office. Intratel leveraged the features of the new phone system they installed to virtualize the office and enhance the customer experience. All inbound calls through the main company number are now routed directly to the employee's remote office, and if unanswered, to voicemail or the employee's cellular phone. The company has been able to expand its geographic footprint and better serve its customers while reducing costs.

MDG Computers

MDG Computers was locked in a long-term contract for telephone service but was looking for a way to reduce support costs and increase the scalability of their call centre infrastructure. Intratel set up a hybrid phone system, using their PBX to address the issues of support costs and system scalability, while continuing to use the phone company’s telephone lines and avoiding expensive contract cancellation penalties. As contracts expire, more and more of the infrastructure is migrated to the new system, increasing the functionality and flexibility of the system while drastically reducing infrastructure and support costs.