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The Intratel Solution

Intratel is a trusted provider of Hosted PBX (Cloud PBX) and on-premises telephone systems that leverage telephone and internet technologies to deliver enterprise-class telephone features to small and medium-sized businesses.

From small businesses looking to save cost and legacy PBX management headaches to large call centres needing a fully customized end to end communications solution, you can trust Intratel's 10+ years of industry experience and dedication to helping you achieve your business goals.

Scalable & Reliable

Take control of your communications. Leverage the Cloud!

Our telephone communications system is focused on three core fundamentals - managability, scalability, reliability. An Intratel telephone solution puts an unprecedented number of management features in your hands, allowing you to change and adapt your telephone communications to changing needs in a matter of minutes, rather than waiting hours (or days) for a technician from the phone company to make an expensive service call.

This same feature set allows your telephone system to scale seemlessly as your company grows, reducing or eliminating expensive hardware upgrades, and provides you with real-time reporting options so you can be proactive in solving potential problems before they have an adverse effect on your company's telephone communications.

Eliminate standard phone lines and save big.

Our solutions are able to integrate multiple offices' communications together. This will reduce the number of phone lines required and enable free canada-wide calling. Save your business countless dollars a year by switching over to Intratel.

Full-service communications solutions for your business.

Request a call today or contact us at 1-866-409-VOIP to speak with an Intratel Communcations service representative and let us build a solution for you!

Business Lines


Per Month*
For businesses of any size

  • Can be used with existing PBX or Intratel phone system
  • Unlimited Extensions
  • Toll Free #'s Available
  • 2.5 ¢/minute Canada Long Distance*
  • 3.5 ¢/minute USA Long Distance*
  • Enhanced 911 Service Included
  • Add SIP Lines To Your Existing Analog Service
  • Fully Scalable Solution -- 1 to 20+ Lines, Built To Grow With Your Business
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Hosted PBX


Per Month**
Best for small businesses

  • Cloud based, all the features of an enterprise grade PBX without the cost
  • Works with up to 50 Extensions
  • Toll Free #'s Available
  • Unlimited Nation Wide Calling
  • Low International Long Distance Rates
  • Per Extension Voicemail
  • Voicemail to Email
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Supervised / Blind Call Transferring
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On-Premise PBX

Call For Pricing

Best for medium to large size businesses and call centers.

  • All the features of Intratel's Hosted PBX +PLUS (Premium Features)
  • Supports Unlimited Extensions
  • Toll Free #'s Available
  • Web Based PBX Management Software
  • In-House Call Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Real Time Queue Monitoring / Advanced Call Center Metrics Available
  • Fully Scalable Solution
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*Minimum 5 lines,  **Pricing Per Extension, Minimum 5 Extensions

Locked in a contract? Hybrid migration is the answer.

We often hear from our clients that they want to upgrade their telephone feature set and reduce their line costs immediately, but are locked in a contract with a phone company that includes sizable buy-out penalities. Intratel specializes in working with companies and the constraints of their contracts to migrate the components of their phone system as contracts expire. Our service is not an all-or-nothing service.

A hybrid migration might include an upgrade of the telephone hardware in year one and replacement of the telephone line service in year two. We work with you to find a solution to your current contract, not lock you in one.