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Intratel provides an optional business call recording system with all of our phone services. Whether it’s for quality assurance, customer records, dispute resolution, sales assistance, or employee skill development programs, Intratel is there for you.

Automatic call recording is available for both inbound and outbound calls. It is easy to set up and administer, and recordings can be played back or downloaded at any time. We’ve also made it simple to create custom announcements alerting the user to the call recording feature. Suffice to say, our automatic call recorder can give most good recording platforms out there a run for their money.

Why Use a Business Phone Recording System?

For any business, communication is key. In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving world, making sure that your communication methods are efficient and effective is critical. One method that has proven to be indispensable for many businesses is using a phone recording system.

This system helps businesses record phone conversations, providing them with valuable insights that can be used in different aspects of their operations. In this section, we will explore the importance of using call recording for business phone systems.

Legal Compliance

One of the primary reasons why Canadian businesses should consider using a phone recording system is legal compliance. Businesses must ensure that they are adhering to federal and provincial laws regarding the recording of phone calls.

These laws are put in place to protect the privacy of individuals and to ensure that businesses are not using phone recordings for any unethical purposes. The use of a business phone recording system that complies with legal requirements removes any legal risks associated with call recording.

Gather Imperative Feedback

Business phone call recording allows you to make a collection of all the feedback you receive from customers. You can analyze this feedback to improve your organization's customer service.

Enhanced Efficiency

Recording all inbound calls automatically reduces call handling time drastically as your customer support agents have all the information they need right at their fingertips.

Improve Company Credibility

By recording all calls in combination with features like IVR or automatic call routing, you can gain your customer's trust and boost your company's credibility.

Agent Performance Evaluation

By listening to call recordings, you can easily assess an agent's performance, rank them based on KPIs, and take measures or give valuable advice that makes them better at their jobs.

Sales and Marketing Campaign Evaluation

With call recordings to analyze, marketing and sales managers can assess and determine the success or failure of their print or online marketing campaigns.

Dispute Resolutions

Call recordings are extremely valuable in resolving conflicts. In most cases, these recordings can help organizations fight customers in the event of a lawsuit.

Increased Security

Using a business phone recording system can also enhance security within Canadian businesses. By recording phone conversations, businesses can identify and address any potential security risks early.

The recorded calls can help businesses track down any unauthorized access and monitor suspicious activity. This way, businesses can stay one step ahead of any security threats and take necessary actions to avoid any potential harm.

Call Recording For PBX Systems

Through PBX call recording you can record a conversation either system-wide or when a specific extension is dialed. You can initiate the recording by simply pressing a button. With Intratel’s Hosted PBX or On-Premise PBX phone services, we can provide your business with a phone call recorder that’s customized to meet your requirements.

Benefits of Using Intratel's Call Recording

Intratel's call recording feature offers businesses a multitude of benefits that can ultimately improve operations and customer relations. By recording all inbound and outbound calls, employers can ensure quality control, enhance employee performance, and resolve customer disputes with ease.

Recordings can be used for training purposes, allowing businesses to analyze sales tactics, customer interactions, and employee behaviour. With Intratel's call recording feature, businesses can stay ahead of the competition and meet the demands of their customers, all while maintaining a professional, reliable image.

Easy Automated Call Recording

Intratel's optional business call recording system feature allows you to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls without a hassle. You can also select which incoming and outgoing calls you wish to record.

Secure Storage

Rest assured, all recorded calls are stored in secure data centers in Canada. Only authorized users will have easy and quick access to all these recordings.

Easily Download Recordings

Intratel's phone call recorder can store thousands of recordings per account. You can download a single file or multiple recordings at the same time for review and playback.

Set Flexible Announcements

To ensure you have each caller's consent, a custom-made announcement will be played before each call declaring that the call is being recorded to make all recordings lawful.

Flexible Recording Options

Users have the option to decide which specific incoming and outgoing call to record once the automatic call recorder is enabled. You have the privilege of recording calls anytime, from any device.

Call Recording For Call Centers

Whether you are a start-up or an enterprise call center, call recording or monitoring calls is a widespread practice. Intratel’s Call Center Phone Solutions offer fully scalable voice recording system for call center with all of the necessary features:

  1. Call recording
  2. Live coaching / listen in on live calls
  3. Web-based management software
  4. Real-time queue monitoring
  5. Advanced call center metrics and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is it easy to record calls using Intratel?

Intratel arms you with an easy-to-set-up call recorder that automatically records all incoming and outgoing calls. So yes, Intratel makes call recording look as easy as a walk in the park.

Q2. Are my Call Recordings Secure with Intratel?

With Intratel, you get arguably the best call recorder that is capable of not only recording calls but also storing them in a secure data center. From here, the recordings are only accessible to authorized users as access to them is encrypted by us.

Q3. Is call recording legal in Canada?

Under section 184 in the Criminal Code of Canadian Law, it is illegal to record a private conversation unless the participant in question consents to the interception.

Q4. What is the purpose of recorded calls?

Recording calls can help your organization in more ways than one. For instance, the recorded calls can be used for training employees. They can also be used to assess sales and marketing performance, resolve conflicts and stave off lawsuits from disgruntled customers.

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