• Fully Customized by Intratel
  • Over 15 Extensions
  • Toll Free #'s Available
  • All of the features of the Hosted PBX solution +PLUS
  • Web Based PBX Management Software
  • In-House Call Conferencing
  • Call Recording
  • Fully Interactive Drag-and-Drop Calling
  • Real Time Queue Monitoring / Advanced Call Centre Metrics Available
  • Intratel’s SIP lines can be added to any existing legacy phone system, up to full digital PRI replacement
  • Fully Scalable Solutions

Your call centre needs an Intratel VoIP phone system

From start-up to enterprise sized call centres, Intratel has the perfect system for communications heavy operations like yours to simplify and reduce the cost of doing business. No matter the size of your call centre, it needs to start out with the right Internet/VoIP phone system if it is to expand effectively and affordably.

Take advantage of the many features Intratel offers to improve the quality of service you provide and the flexibility to expand your communications capabilities as you grow. Fully customizable, Intratel’s on-premise PBX call centre VoIP phone systems deliver the benefits of web based management software, call recording, interactive drag-and-drop calling, real time queue monitoring, advanced call centre metrics and much more.