Call Centre Phone Systems & Solutions

Full scalability and all the features you need. On-premise PBX for large companies and call centres.

Choose Intratel’s On-premise PBX and get all of the Hosted PBX features and more. Our On-premise PBX Internet/VoIP phone systems are the perfect communications solution for call centres that need room to grow.

Call Centre Phone Solutions

Full scalability and all the features you need. On-premise PBX for large companies and call centres.

Choose Intratel’s On-premise PBX and get all of the Hosted PBX features and more. Our On-premise PBX Internet/VoIP phone systems are the perfect communications solution for call centres that need room to grow.

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Call Centre Phone Solutions

Call centre operations are at the core of customer service — queue lengths, quality of response, and overall efficiency levels define good customer experience. From start-up operations to large-scale enterprises, call centres are at the forefront of building lasting customer relationships. It’s essential that yours is equipped with the right tools to achieve that.

Graduate to a new level of excellent customer service with an integrated VoIP phone and PBX system for seamless and responsive high-volume call management. Intratel offers fully customizable and scalable call centre solutions to equip operations of any size with efficient customer response mechanisms. With an on-premise PBX call centre management software, you can easily monitor and record calls, direct customers quickly using interactive drag-and-drop routing technology, monitor and shorten queues, and generate feedback and performance metrics for ongoing improvement.

Install Call Centre Solutions

Intratel offers leading call centre solutions using integrated VoIP business phones and both hosted and on-premise PBX systems. This combined solution can be deployed to both start-up and large-scale call centre operations, providing flexible scalability that mirrors and supports organizational growth. With leading communication solutions at their core, call centres can be made smarter and increasingly customer-focused // focused on delivering customer success using integrated performance monitoring software that informs organizational success metrics.

The Intratel Difference

Fully customizable solutions

While most providers offer set plans, Intratel strives to deliver personalized service in the form of fully customizable solutions. Growing enterprises require custom-tailored solutions to support future growth. That means equipping customer-focused teams with the right tools for communicating solutions to those who matter most in business. Intratel allows you to select the call management features essential to business and do business the smart way. The size of your custom plan is also flexible and scalable, to equip growing businesses with turnkey communication solutions as increasingly complex customer demands come to light.

Delivering affordable quality

Without set plans and requiring only minimal investment in the form of VoIP business phones hosted or on-premise PBX systems, you can customize the features of your call centre platform, enabling effective customer service and long-term customer success to grow your bottom-line.

Personalized, 100% Canadian Service

Intratel supports your delivery of leading customer solutions by equipping your business with personalized and tailored client support. Our goal is to equip your business with leading communication solutions and future-proof technology, so you can scale your call centre for growth and provide efficient service to the people who matter most in business.

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Live Answer Services

We provide 24-7 inbound and outbound contact centre services.  We are highly focused on coaching and training our representatives to provide the same exceptional service to customers that you have come to expect from an in-house team – while saving your company the cost of hiring, training, and employing in-house support staff.

  • Customized packages to suit your individual needs
  • Bi-lingual (French and English)
  • 24-7 Help desk
  • All calls recorded for quality assurance
  • Caller ID captured
  • Sales lead generation
  • Survey calls
  • Email / SMS communications & management

Call Centre Solutions

Create Lasting Customer Relationships

Behind every quick and effective query response is a smart call management system that keeps customers happy. Design a call centre that’s fully tailored according to your business model, so you can handle calls and deploy solutions to queries with the utmost ease.

  • Toll-free numbers: enable customers to contact you from anywhere, so they can reach out knowing that whatever concern they’re calling for can be resolved quickly, and without additional cost to them.
  • Unlimited lines and multiple extensions: shorten queues and increase the availability of agents for optimal response times.
  • Advanced call management features included in PBX systems: direct customers promptly using call recording, call parking, call waiting, and queue monitoring.
  • Web-based management: leverage digital technology to manage calls and route customer concerns accordingly, as well as retrieve voicemails via email and access calls and messages through a specialized app on a smartphone extension.
  • Interactive calling: answer calls and respond to queries using the intuitive controls of drag-and-drop calling, eliminating the hassle of learning complicated commands.
  • Real-time queue monitoring: discover bottlenecks in call queues and implement appropriate solutions for improving customer interactions by eliminating long wait times.
  • Performance tracking: view issues and agent contributions. Leverage data for tracking and improving overall call centre performance and operational bottom-lines.

Call Centre Performance Tracking

As business grows, so does the number of calls and queries that need your prompt attention — and that’s a good thing, especially when you have a strong customer service platform that you can count on.

More than just upselling a loyal customer to new services or placating an irate one, a good call centre takes all of these individual interactions in view to improve general customer experience and innovate on customer success solutions in the long-term. Collecting and analyzing this aggregate data requires a lot of time and effort, but gone are the days of filling out these reports yourself.

Intratel introduces the next generation of call centre operations and performance tracking. By mapping digital technology on previously all-analog phone conversations, you can leverage advanced software tools to monitor calls and generate real-time and aggregate reports.

  • View issues: intercept issues in calls and customer satisfaction in real-time using the interactive call chart that highlights problem times of the day, enabling a quick and effective response to prevent further escalation
  • Highlight agent contribution: view individual agent performance and team statistics to provide valuable feedback for improving customer experience, professional growth, and operational bottom-line
  • Interactive control panel: use intuitive controls to monitor call centre operations in real-time and compile aggregate information for generating performance reports that inform the organizational bottom line.

Our software tools offer advanced call centre reporting

Monitor Calls

The real-time control panel shows you everything that happens in your call center, as it happens.
Call Centre Solutions Monitoring Calls
View Issues

View Issues

The interactive call chart shows problem times of day automatically, so you can take action straight away.

Highlights agent contribution and performance

The agent performance table highlights individual agent contribution and performance within your call centre, this in turn can provide valuable feedback so you can make adjustments the way your calls are being handled.
Highlights agent contribution & performance

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Find the phone solution that's right for your business

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Number of Extensions

Entry Level

Just the Essentials


monthly / user

  • Up to 10 users
  • Includes 1 Local Line
  • Unlimited Calling in Canada
  • IVR / Voice Menu Auto Attendant
  • 3.5 Cents / Minute USA Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Music on Hold
  • Caller ID
  • Call Forward Always / Busy / Selective
  • Find Me / Follow Me
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call Blocking
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Supervised / Blind Transfers
  • Busy Lamp Field
  • Voicemail to Email

Business Premium

Bundle More & Save!


monthly / user

  • Scales to Unlimited Extensions
  • Free HD IP Phone Rental
  • Free Mobile Softphone App
  • Secure Video Conferencing*
  • Customized IVR / Voice Menus
  • Unlimited USA / Canada Calling
  • Call Parking
  • Call Waiting
  • Customized Music on Hold
  • Call Recording Included
  • Toll Free # with 1,000 Minutes
  • Business SMS
  • Digital Fax Included
  • Call Queuing
  • Advanced call handling - whisper, barge etc
  • Digital 2-Way Faxing
  • Caller ID
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Extension Monitoring
  • Web Provisioning
  • Multi-Point Redundancy Built In

VoIP Phone Lines Leverage Hybrid Solutions

Use Intratel's Phone Lines with your Existing Legacy Phone System, save on long distance and enjoy the level of customer service expected by businesses today!

$16 .95

Monthly / Line

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On-Premise PBX For Business

For larger companies, all the features of Hosted PBX plus more! Reduce monthly costs by investing in your own PBX system up front. Medium size to large call centres, Intratel's custom-built phone systems have Advanced Queue Monitoring, Call Recording, and Voice Conferencing Built In!


A la carte options for businesses that need them.

Call Recording – 6 month storage$4.95 per seat per month
Call Recording – long term storage$9.95 per seat per month
2-way Email Fax$9.95 per month
2-way Toll-Free Email Fax$14.00 per month
Toll Free Conference Bridge6 cents / minute
Additional DIDs/Phone Numbers$4.95 per number per month
Local Number Port$25.00 per number
Analog Fax Line (Alarm / Postage Machine)$39.95 per month
Additional Toll-Free Minutes3.9¢ per minute
Bundled High Speed Internet (Includes Static IP / Modem) Minimum 2 Year Term$74.95 / Month
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