Intratel provides business class, fully integrated secure video conferencing solutions.

These are some benefits of our video conferencing:

  • Securely hosted in Canada on Intratel private servers
  • Intratel will never share your data
  • Fully integrated into our voice solutions allowing dial-in / dial-out invites
  • Participants can be any combination video & audio
  • Screen sharing / hand raising features
  • Up to 100 participants
  • No time limits on meetings


There are many low cost options for video conferencing these days, however low cost comes with its price.  Some providers have been accused of sharing data with advertisers etc and most force you to sign-up for their services.

Intratel provides it's video services exclusively to our existing voice customers so you never have to sign-up for anything and since its hosted in our private network, the risk of outside bad actors gaining access to your meetings is significantly reduced.

Video conferencing is available with: