Secure Video Conferencing

Intratel provides business-class, fully integrated, secure video conferencing solutions.

Secure Video conferencing

Canada's Premier Choice for Ultra-Secure Video Conferencing

Intratel offers an integrated VoIP video conferencing solution that seamlessly connects with your PBX, providing cost-effective and efficient business video conferencing. With the increasing need for remote collaboration, our HD video and voice capabilities allow you to connect with colleagues, partners, and customers effortlessly, eliminating the need for separate video services and enhancing your communication experience.

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Secure Hosting in Canada

At Intratel, we take your data security seriously. Our video conferencing service is securely hosted in Canada on our private servers, ensuring the highest level of protection for your sensitive information. Experience the confidence of the most secure video conferencing platform, where your data is safeguarded.

Your Data, Your Privacy

We value your privacy, so we guarantee that your data will never be shared with third parties. Rest easy knowing that your conversations stay confidential.

Seamless Integration

Experience the convenience of fully integrated video and voice solutions with Intratel. Our video conferencing platform seamlessly combines dial-in and dial-out invites, making connecting with colleagues, clients, and partners more accessible.

Flexibility for Participants

Intratel's video conferencing offers flexibility like no other. Participants can join via video, audio, or any combination of both. Whether you prefer face-to-face interactions or want to hop on a quick call, we've got you covered.

Enhanced Collaboration

Boost your productivity with features like screen sharing and hand raising. Collaborate effectively with your team, share important documents, and ensure everyone's voice is heard during meetings. We provide the tools you need to work together seamlessly.

Scale Up to 100 Participants

No matter the size of your virtual gathering, Intratel can accommodate you. Our video conferencing platform supports up to 100 participants, ensuring that your meetings, webinars, and presentations run smoothly, even with large groups. So, we're considered the best business video conferencing solution.

Secure, Private, and Powerful – Video Conferencing Made for Professionals

No Meeting Time Limits

At Intratel, we understand that essential discussions can’t always be rushed. That’s why we offer unlimited meeting durations. Focus on what matters most without the pressure of time constraints, and have productive conversations at your own pace. Experience the difference with Intratel’s video conferencing solutions. Your security, privacy, and collaboration needs are our top priorities. Join us and elevate your virtual meetings to the next level.

There are many low-cost options for video conferencing these days. However, price should not compromise quality. Some providers may force you to sign up for their services. Intratel provides its video services exclusively to our existing voice customers. Hence, you never have to sign up for anything, and since it’s hosted on our private network, the risk of outsiders gaining access to your meetings is avoided.

Intratel's Video Conferencing Features

Screen Sharing

Intratel's video conferencing allows you to share your desktop or essential documents with meeting participants effortlessly. Boost engagement and understanding by bringing your content to life on everyone's screens.

Chat Functionality

Stay connected and maintain a dynamic conversation with Intratel's chat feature. Send messages to individuals or the entire group during meetings, ensuring that essential points are never missed and collaboration flows seamlessly.

Mute Options

Take command of your virtual meeting environment. Intratel's host can mute specific individuals or all participants as needed, ensuring a distraction-free experience and allowing the speaker to take centre stage.

One-time and Recurring Meetings

Whether it's a single meeting or a series of gatherings, Intratel offers the flexibility you need. There's no limit to scheduling the required meetings, whether one-time events or recurring appointments.

Meet Now for Ad Hoc Meetings

Need to connect on the fly? Intratel's "Meet Now" feature allows you to host ad hoc meetings instantly using your unique ID. Say goodbye to lengthy setup times and hello to instant collaboration.

Preview Your Appearance

Presentation matters. Intratel's "Preview" feature lets you see how you look on camera before joining meetings, ensuring you consistently appear at your best during virtual interactions.

Security and Reliability

Intratel makes sure your messages are safe by using strong encryption and several checks for who's sending them. This keeps your communication secure from start to finish.

Password Option

Your security, your choice. Intratel puts you in control by allowing you to require a password for any meeting. Keep unwanted guests out and ensure your discussions remain confidential.

Meeting Recording

Never miss an important detail again. You can record unlimited meetings, and Intratel will store them for three months. Document and revisit your discussions with ease.

Host Large Meetings Effortlessly with Intratel's Up to 100-Participant Support


Video conferencing at Intratel is an advanced, interactive way of conducting virtual meetings. It connects two or more individuals in a live, face-to-face format using video technology. Video conferencing has become essential in today’s remote and hybrid work environment. Intratel offers a robust video conferencing solution seamlessly integrated with our business phone services, enhancing business productivity and collaboration.

Intratel’s video conferencing utilizes cutting-edge VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology to enable video calls. This integration ensures that our clients experience superior video quality and efficient screen-sharing capabilities, making it easier to connect with team members and clients anywhere in the world.

To engage in high-quality video conferencing with Intratel, you need a few basic components: a computer or mobile device with a speaker and microphone, a webcam for visual interaction, a reliable high-speed internet connection, and our video conferencing software. This setup ensures a seamless and productive virtual meeting experience.

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