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Communicate better with Intratel’s cloud-based hosted PBX Service: a reliable, scalable, and cost-effective system that keeps you connected anytime, anywhere.


Why switch to Intratel’s cloud-based Hosted PBX? You’ll receive business-grade PBX features for less. Intratel prioritizes quality, customer service, and reliability, so you will never miss an important call. Whether you’re upgrading outdated systems or changing VoIP providers, switching to Intratel is easy and painless. We are located in the heart of the GTA and can help you when you need us. Call us today for a custom business solution. We proudly provide cloud phone systems to Canada. Read more about Hosted PBX Savings.

What is a cloud PBX?

Cloud PBX (Cloud-based Private Branch Exchange) is a modern phone system that works over the Internet, making it easier for businesses to manage calls. Unlike traditional PBX systems that are big, require a particular room, and are expensive, Cloud PBX is more accessible. This virtual system automatically answers calls and sends them to the correct department or person. It’s great for businesses because it offers features like call handling, auto-attendants, and video conferencing without requiring extensive physical machines.


This system is hosted in secure data centres far away, and a hosted PBX provider delivers it online. It’s like having the same functions as a traditional PBX without costly hardware. Cloud PBX is a service with flexible plans, making it a smart choice for small and medium-sized businesses; they can subscribe to the service instead of spending a lot on an in-house system. It gives businesses of all sizes more flexibility, scalability, and reliability in managing their communication needs.


Cloud-Based Phone Systems for Canadian Businesses

Good business starts with a good conversation—and with the industry’s demands today, that means having multiple conversations simultaneously to connect with as many customers as possible. This calls for a new way of handling calls: a cloud phone system.


Hosted PBX phone systems allow you to respond to every customer as quickly as possible. But it’s more than just picking up the phone when it rings. Hosted PBX cloud phone systems pack advanced call management features that enable you to direct calls as needed and capture messages when it’s after-hours and the system is offline.

Features of our Hosted PBX System

Toll-Free Numbers

Our hosted PBX service includes toll-free numbers, making it easy and cost-free for customers to reach your business anywhere.

Unlimited Canada and US Calling

Our hosted PBX solution offers unlimited calling within Canada and to the US, ideal for seamless, borderless communication with customers and vendors.

Unlimited Phone Lines

As part of our business hosted PBX, you get access to unlimited phone lines, allowing your business to handle multiple calls simultaneously, as long as your internet bandwidth permits.

Advanced Call Management

This feature of our hosted PBX VoIP includes a customizable IVR/auto-attendant, caller ID, call notifications, and more, ensuring efficient call handling and quick customer response.

Web Management

Our hosted PBX service simplifies voicemail management with features like voicemail-to-email, remote retrieval, and extension monitoring, and smartphone app access, leveraging digital technology for effective call management.

Document Transmission and Conferencing

Our hosted PBX solution supports secure digital faxing and three-way calling, along with schedule-based routing, facilitating collaboration and communication, even with external partners.

Per Extension Voicemail

Enhance customer service with personalized voicemail settings for each extension, a key feature of our business-hosted PBX.

Find Me and Follow Me

Stay connected with every call using the remote call forwarding feature, ensuring you never miss a call. This is a crucial aspect of our hosted PBX VoIP service.

Simplify and streamline communication processes with Intratel's cloud-hosted PBX systems

Full Scalability at Your Fingertips – Switch to Our Hosted PBX System Today!

When your business is poised for growth, you’ll need the right tools to build a growing number of lasting customer relationships. That means expanding phone lines for maximum customer reach on the communication front. Unlike traditional landlines, more lines are supported by a hosted PBX system and do not need more cables or excellent physical infrastructure. Integrate new lines into an existing system to leverage the increased capabilities of hosted call management as operations expand and benefit from future-proof technology and network capabilities. Respond to more customers in real-time as call volumes rise without missing fast and personalized service every time.

Hosted PBX systems also offer multi-point redundancy, designed to leverage advanced call features and digitally enabled management. They are built around web-based solutions like voicemail-to-email retrieval and smartphone extension integration. You can respond to every call and message even when you’re not on the phone.

Know why Intratel is considered the best provider of cloud phone systems in Canada

Unbeatable Customer Service

Intratel stands out in hosted PBX in Canada with its rapid and effective customer service responses, guaranteeing lasting satisfaction.

Personalized service

Recognizing the significance of your investment in our hosted PBX solutions, Intratel offers services uniquely adapted to fit your business's scale and growth goals, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Smart savings

With the inherent business expenses, unnecessary phone costs shouldn't be a concern. Intratel's customizable hosted PBX solutions are designed for affordability and easy implementation, especially for small and medium-sized businesses seeking smart financial options.

Discover next-level communication solutions with our cloud-hosted PBX systems

VoIP Business Phone Integration

Get your VoIP business phones and hosted PBX system all in one place and discover the benefits of seamless integration. VoIP business phone lines from Intratel already come with toll-free numbers and complete control over the scalability of lines, as well as Emergency Forwarding to a backup phone in case of a power outage or Internet disconnection. VoIP business phones also provide instant protection through 911 emergency service registration, enabling fast response during a crisis. Hence, Intratel is a reliable provider of cloud-based phone systems in Canada.

Standard Hosted PBX System - $14.95 / Extension

Unlock the benefits of effective organizational communication with all the best features of hosted PBX, including toll-free numbers and unlimited calling, full scalability, advanced call management features, web-based management and redundancy features, personalized voicemail, and Find Me Follow Me technology.

Hybrid Solutions - $16.95 / Line

Businesses transitioning from legacy phone systems should equip existing analog phones with essential PBX system capabilities for improved customer experience.

Make the Switch to Meaningful Conversations

A hosted PBX phone system empowers businesses to do more without chaining their teams to the desk for fast response to incoming calls and effective outreach through outgoing ones. With this intelligent system, you can program the system to route calls based on set schedules and custom notifications, even directly to your smartphone. No more waiting for the phone to ring and manually capturing essential information — a hosted PBX cloud phone system does all that and more for you. Discover what you’re missing out on.

Areas We Serve

Intratel offers cloud phone systems/hosted PBX solutions to the following Regions in Ontario, Canada.


A traditional PBX system is based onsite with all its equipment and wiring. In contrast, a cloud PBX, or hosted PBX, operates from our data centre. With hosted PBX, there’s no need for physical hardware at your location. This setup, trendy in hosted PBX Canada services, offers advanced features and flexibility, allowing you to manage your business communications online, even when you’re away from the office. It’s a mobile and scalable solution, ideal for adapting to the dynamic needs of any company.

PBX and VoIP are distinct technologies. VoIP enables phone calls over the Internet. On the other hand, Hosted PBX is a cloud-based internal phone network that manages inbound calls and routes them appropriately. Intratel combines these technologies to offer a comprehensive virtual phone system, which is especially beneficial for hosted PBX small business setups, allowing remote call management and communication from anywhere.

For details on hosted PBX pricing, visit our plans and pricing page or contact our team. We offer a variety of hosted PBX plans tailored to fit different business needs and budgets, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your communication requirements.

Select the service package that aligns with your business objectives to get started with our virtual PBX system. Install our software, and through our online portal, you can manage your existing business phone numbers or add new lines as needed. After activation, you’re all set to manage your business communication efficiently, including features like call forwarding, auto-attendant, and call recording.

Absolutely! Virtual PBX systems are not just for large enterprises or startups; they’re also perfect for small businesses. Our hosted PBX small business solutions are affordable, flexible, and scalable. You can start with a modest setup and expand your network as your business grows, customizing the system to meet your needs.

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