The Cloud Contact Centre

Think about it — cloud-hosted solutions are embedded in our everyday lives. From communication to data storage and even professional collaborations, the cloud is everywhere. For customer-focused platforms, this means call centre integration.

Without the accessibility of the cloud, call centres are just closed feedback loops that require manual data transmission to escalate performance metrics and leverage these for improvement. That’s because data would still be stored, accessed, and retrieved using closed-loop internal systems that can’t be accessed from virtually anywhere by mobile team members — that’s a major concern for shifting workplaces as remote collaboration grows in practice. A cloud-based call centre eliminates the need for physical infrastructure. It promotes collaboration over the cloud, so your team can handle customer calls, interactions, and support the delivery of leading customer solutions wherever your team is based.

Why You Need a Cloud Contact Centre

Support Digital and Voice Interactions

Legacy call centres are built around the value of meaningful phone conversations. A cloud-based call centre allows you to leverage advanced digital technology in creating valuable voice interactions.

Cloud-based contact centres leverage digital technology to capture critical customer success metrics. Enable seamless collaboration, and deploy both real-time and long-term solutions through interactive controls and historical analytics. Data from these interactions are all stored in the cloud for review, performance tracking, and innovation, while advanced call management features of PBX systems enable a fast and effective response to each call.

Unlimited Scalability

A successful enterprise on the cusp of growth or further expansion requires resources it can count on for smart scalability. One of the most critical areas is customer relationships and communication. Designed to be virtually limitless, a cloud call centre provides unlimited opportunities for scaling, enabling increased support for growing and increasingly complex customer demands. This unlimited network expansion provides room for an increased number of lines and customer service channels, but without the additional cost required by physical infrastructure and equipment. Cloud call centre expansions can be deployed within minutes, providing maximum flexibility and adaptability when necessary.

Inbound, Outbound, and Blended Solutions

Cloud call centres provide a three-fold response to customer experience: inbound, outbound, and blended solutions. Inbound solutions are essential to addressing pressing concerns and product or service queries, which require intelligent routing to the right specialist for a fast, quality response. Outbound features, such as predictive dialling and CRM integrations, enable agents to interface with customers and build lasting relationships. Blended solutions enable cloud-based call centre teams to share tasks and increase productivity by means of integration with workforce management systems.

Call Centre Solutions Monitoring Calls View Issues Highlights agent contribution & performance

Cloud Contact Centre Features

Advanced call management

  • Get the best of call centre management with call routing and call monitoring commands. Direct calls to the right specialists and provide valuable internal feedback to improve performance and increase bottom-line through productive customer interactions.
  • Set business and after-work hours using customized schedules, programmed in the system to ensure that calls are quickly answered and messages are tagged and assigned for further action.
  • Identify and blacklist spam callers, enabling your team to focus on actual customer concerns.
  • Leverage data security methods with a specialized network for handling calls and recording customer information and interactions to ensure legal compliance and data privacy.

Intuitive controls for seamless collaboration

  • Enable seamless collaboration among team members using call conferencing and easy-to-manage controls for adding new numbers and team members.
  • Leverage visibility of call centre status, including agent availability and queue lengths to develop new strategies for minimizing missed calls and improving customer satisfaction.

CRM/workflow management integration

  • One-click integration with existing CRM or workflow management software to improve transparency in performance tracking and increase productivity.
  • Track key performance indicators such as; wait time, queue length, missed call rate, and customer satisfaction.

Establish a global presence

  • Provide points of contact for customers all over the globe, ensuring high satisfaction and increased customer success due to wide global reach.
    Connect with customers all over the world and provide necessary support without the need to set up physical local facilities.
  • Respond to customer queries virtually during corresponding local business hours, regardless of time zone differences, promoting good customer experience.
  • Enter emerging global markets simply by promoting a virtual local presence, enabling customer interactions and satisfaction across time zones, known as the “follow-the-sun” approach to customer service.

Intratel Cloud Contact Centre

Intratel offers cloud-based call centre solutions for start-up and large-scale operations alike, enabling customer success you can count on for future growth. By utilizing hosted PBX systems, cloud call centres allow you to provide fast and effective customer response by leveraging advanced call management features, cloud-hosted collaboration, and data storage.

Trust Intratel to deliver leading communication solutions:

  • Future-proof technology: leverage the scalability of the cloud and evolving network security to expand call centre operations and meet the increasingly complex demands of modern customer success.
  • Personalized, 100% Canadian service: get specialized support when you need it to improve the delivery of solutions that customers require.
  • Cloud savings: reduce operational costs and unlock generous savings from eliminating the need to maintain physical infrastructure and equipment, and allocate resources smartly to portable and remotely accessible digital technology that enables seamless collaboration and cloud-hosted call management and customer interfacing solutions.

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