Intratel VoIP Phone Services are the affordable
and flexible solution for Business

One size does not fit all

At Intratel we believe your VoIP/Internet business telephone system should fit the unique needs of your business, not the other way around. We offer a number of solutions with customizable feature sets so you only pay for what you need. Affordable, enterprise-class telephony features are now available to small and medium-sized business.

Hybrid migration

Intratel's solution is not all-or-nothing. While replacing an entire phone solution - hardware, software and phone lines - at one time is ideal, our clients often must migrate their service piece by piece over time. We specialize in working with our clients to build a migration strategy, replacing and upgrading what they can, when they can.

Multiple offices, one phone system

Eliminate long-distance charges for inter-office calls by integrating all of your offices on one phone system. With Intratel, all of your inter-office calls stay on our private network. Reduce costs by centralizing your company's reception desk in one location and transfer calls to offices across Canada like they are an office across the hall.

Integrate communication technologies

Leverage the advantages of Internet communications technologies to e-mail voicemails directly to an employee's computer, in the office or one the road. Manage hold queues, call forwarding and call waiting from your computer.

Unparalleled call management

Serve your customers better with priority call routing and make sure you don't miss an important call with ring groups and call cascading. Manage your time more effectively with call screening and caller ID alerts displayed on your computer screen.