Get business phone extensions with our services

All of Intratel’s phone services provide easy to manage phone extensions that allow callers to effortlessly connect to the correct person or department. Incoming calls are answered with a customized professional greeting and extension voice menu. The caller can dial the extension that best suits their needs and they will be routed to the appropriate person or department.

The short internal number is a convenient way for employees to quickly and accurately connect with each other. It allows employees to customize their own voicemail and call forwarding rules, ensuring that any missed calls will be acknowledged.

Here are some of the ways that businesses benefit from using dialling extensions:

  • Reduce the cost of hiring a full-time receptionist
  • Improve customer experience
  • Include pre-recorded messages with business hours, location, services, and more
  • Save employees time spent answering general knowledge phone
    calls/directing calls to appropriate department
  • Reduce hold time for callers
  • Improve internal communications between employees

Multiple Business Phone Extensions For One Phone Line

It is possible to have multiple extensions for one phone line. This makes it easy for one person to manage numerous extensions. Multiple extensions can also boost company image by creating the appearance that a small business has several departments. In reality, it can be one person managing all the incoming calls.

Satellite Offices

Leverage VoIP technology, you can have your office extensions at different locations seamlessly! Eg. you have offices in Vancouver and Toronto, these offices can transfer calls easily between each other and also share one receptionist for all locations. You can also have mirrored extensions at employee’s home offices!

No matter the size of your business, from start-ups to enterprises, with Intratel’s Hosted PBX or On-Premise PBX phone services we can set up your phone system with extensions!

Business phone extensions are available with: