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If you’re looking for business VoIP phone service in Burlington, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Intratel makes enterprise-class phone solutions affordable and available to small- to mid-sized businesses, just like yours. Whether you’re looking for business phone lines, hosted PBX systems, on-premise PBX systems, or the phones themselves, we’ve got you covered. 

Business telephone systems are essential for companies of all sizes, enabling seamless communication with clients and efficient management of business activities. Intratel is a prominent provider of business telephone systems in Burlington, offering reliable solutions for office and small business needs.


Intratel offers various telecommunication solutions to empower any business, irrespective of size. With our VoIP features and other phone solutions, you can feel more empowered to enhance your communication lines, streamline operations, and improve overall customer service and engagement. Let’s take a closer look at the services we have to offer.

Business VoIP Phone Lines

No matter the size of your business, Intratel's Internet business lines offer a versatile telephone solution compatible with your existing PBX or our provided phone systems. Our Internet phone lines are ideal for any business scale and are the ultimate choice for your communication needs.

Call Centre Phone Solutions

Choose Intratel's Call Centre and Telephone Answering Services in Burlington and surrounding areas that are custom-designed to fit your business model, ensuring effortless handling of all calls and seamless solution deployment.

Cloud Call Centre Solution

Intratel provides cloud call centre solutions for small and large businesses. These solutions use hosted PBX systems, enabling you to respond to customers quickly and efficiently. With this setup, you can use features like advanced call handling, cloud-hosted collaboration, and data storage.

Hosted PBX for Burlington Businesses

At Intratel, we offer Hosted PBX phone systems designed to help you respond to each customer promptly. However, it goes beyond just answering calls. Our Hosted PBX cloud phone systems have advanced call management features, allowing you to route calls and capture messages efficiently after hours or when the system is offline.

On-premise PBX for Burlington Businesses

Our On-premise PBX Phone System is designed to handle, transfer, and tailor features for both incoming and outgoing calls efficiently. Our on-premise PBX system includes features like advanced queue monitoring, call recording, and voice conferencing, enhancing customer satisfaction and providing tangible performance improvements. It is ideal for large enterprises or call centre operations where the customer procures and manages their own hardware or has their own data centres.

Find Me / Follow-Me

Make sure you never miss your important calls, your extension can forward to your cell phone automatically!

Audio Conferencing

Seamlessly connects internally and externally throughout your organization with the Audio Conferencing feature we offer. Our audio conferencing caters to the needs of all types of businesses.

Custom-Tailored Solutions

Intratel, a leading VoIP solutions provider in Canada, will work closely with your team to ensure your business leverages maximum value from our services. We don't believe in 'cookie cutter' solutions. Our many years of experience helping businesses from different industries will ensure we maximize your return on investment.

High-level security and reliability

Intratel addresses security concerns with highly encrypted networks and multiple authentication levels, ensuring your communications are protected throughout their transmission journey.

VoIP Call Forwarding

Intratel's call-forwarding service offers reliability and customization to suit the dynamic needs of modern businesses. It combines simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Already using MS Teams? No problem. Intratel can provide inbound/outbound call functionality fully integrated into the Teams environment. No need for costly Calling Plans from Microsoft, leverage a local, Canadian phone provider.

Leading the Way in Burlington: Exceptional Business Phone Services

Business Telephone System Features

As a business telephone systems provider in Burlington, Ontario, we offer features like:

Toll Free Numbers

Intratel offers toll-free numbers in Burlington, enabling customers across Canada to call your business for free. It is ideal for boosting calls from current and potential clients outside your local area.

Virtual Receptionist / IVR

Intratel's business phone system in Burlington offers a 24/7 virtual receptionist with a customizable professional greeting, enhancing customer service without needing a full-time receptionist. The system handles multiple calls simultaneously, directing callers to the right extension or voicemail, ensuring phone lines are never busy.

Business Call Recording

This Feature helps businesses record phone conversations, providing valuable insights that can be used in different operations. Whether for quality assurance, customer records, dispute resolution, sales assistance, or employee skill development programs, Intratel can help you.

SIP Trunking

Intratel offers SIP trunk solutions in Burlington, including hybrid options that let you keep your current phone number and integrate legacy PBX systems until you transition to full cloud PBX service.

Multiple Extensions

Businesses can have multiple extensions for different departments or employees, facilitating efficient internal and external communication.

Secure Video Conferencing

Intratel's VoIP video conferencing solution integrates with your PBX, offering HD video and voice for efficient remote collaboration, eliminating the need for separate video services and enhancing overall communication.

Microsoft Teams Integration

Your employees can access high-quality business cloud voice from any device and communicate securely with customers and business partners worldwide. Intratel professionals connect your Microsoft Teams infrastructure to the PSTN using secure communication channels.

VoIP Call Forwarding

Easily manage your calls with Intratel's call forwarding. Redirect calls to any number and never miss a call again, turning every call into an opportunity for success.

Voicemail to Email Services

Voicemail to email sends voicemail notifications to your email, including caller details and a transcribed text. This feature lets you listen to voicemails as audio attachments and respond via email, even when you are away from the office.


Voicemail messages can be forwarded to email, making it easier for users to manage and respond to messages.


The system may be scalable to accommodate the growth of your business, allowing you to add more lines or features as needed.


Ensuring the security of calls and data transmission is crucial, and Intratel.ca is likely to offer encryption and security features.

Burlington's Gateway to Advanced Business Communication Systems

Why Other Small to Mid-Sized Businesses Love Intratel for Their Business

Intratel Communications is the VoIP phone service of choice for countless small to mid-sized businesses in the Burlington region. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just launching your first venture or an established multi-location business, Intratel is sure to have what you need. 

Our fast and reliable setup process and 24/7 technical support staff will get you up and running with minimal effort. Plus, our flexible pricing plans offer customizable solutions that grow along with your business. 

With features like multi-calls, auto attendant, and Voicemail-to-Email functionality and compatibility across all major VoIP devices and platforms, you’ll never miss a beat. Intratel Communications is the perfect VoIP provider for businesses of any size – from start-up shops to large Canadian corporations – it’s easy to see why so many continue to choose Intratel!

On-premise PBX for Business Areas We Serve:

  • South Burlington
  • North Burlington
  • East Burlington
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How Intratel Can Help You

Business telephone systems in Burlington can be costly or lack the necessary support staff. You need a business telephone system that won’t fail you yet won’t lock you into costly subscriptions. Intratel offers enterprise-level features at cost-effective prices. With us, your VoIP phone service for business will be an expense that pays off. 

We are proudly Canadian, with 100% of our network owned and operated right here in Tier 3 Canadian data centres. We partner with the major carriers to leverage the best of both worlds: top-quality communications paired with small business-like customer service.

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