A full-service business communications solutions provider for the Burlington, Ontario region

Intratel is a leading provider of innovative, full-service communications solutions for businesses or corporations switching over to a VoIP phone system or simply switching providers.

Whether it’s just business phone lines, hosted PBX system, on-premise PBX system or the phones themselves, we make enterprise-class Internet telephone solutions affordable and available to small and medium size businesses like yours.

A list of the business VoIP services and solutions we provide in Burlington:

Get unlimited phone lines with a VoIP service that seamlessly integrates with your existing PBX systems. Our solution is designed to grow along with your business. Moreover, solutions from Intratel only cost you money on an ATA or custom router. 

Intratel’s Hosted PBX solution comes with enterprise-grade features. Get benefits like unlimited US and Canada calling along with unlimited phone lines. Leverage a fully customizable IVR or auto-attendant to direct and manage calls as and when you wish. 

Manage, transfer and customize calling features for both outbound and inbound calls. The PBX system comes fully equipped with features like queue monitoring, voice conferencing, call recording and much more. 

Get a fully customizable and scalable call centre telephone system to equip operations of any size with efficient customer response mechanisms. Our solution allows you to easily monitor and record calls, direct customers quickly using interactive drag-and-drop routing technology, monitor and shorten queues, and generate feedback and performance metrics

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    Leverage digital technology to capture critical customer success metrics with cloud-based contact centres.  Enable seamless collaboration and deploy both real-time and long-term solutions through interactive controls and historical analytics.

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    We provide unmatched business phone services across Burlington, Ontario

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