A full-service business communications solutions provider for the Brampton, Ontario region

If you’re a small to mid-sized business in Brampton, you need small business phone lines. Intratel offers enterprise-level VoIP phone services for businesses in Brampton at cost-effective prices. 

We are a full-service business communications solutions provider for the Brampton, Ontario region. Intratel is a leading provider of innovative, full-service communications solutions for businesses or corporations switching over to a VoIP phone system or simply switching providers.

Whether it’s just business lines, hosted PBX system, on-premise PBX system or the phones themselves, we make enterprise-class Internet telephone solutions affordable and available to small and medium-size businesses like yours.

A list of the business VoIP services and solutions we provide in Brampton:

Why Choose Small Business Phone Lines?

Small business phone lines now allow small and mid-sized businesses to access the same powerful technology as enterprise-level organizations. 

Small business phone lines are ideal for small to mid-sized businesses because of the cost-savings and flexibility they offer. These services enable businesses to utilize Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony, which combines traditional telephone systems with cloud-based technologies. 

With business VoIP phone services, Brampton small businesses are able to easily set up reliable communication systems that can efficiently manage incoming and outgoing calls, route them where needed, and record them for training or other uses. 

Possible features and services include:

  • A customizable IVR menu for automated call handling, 
  • Virtual receptionists to answer, transfer and greet callers in a professional manner, 
  • Voicemail-to-email
  • Routing of calls based on specific criteria.

Additionally, small businesses can save time by centralizing their communications within one system, while also taking advantage of mobile and tablet integrations to stay connected on the go. 

By choosing small business phone lines, you can achieve what was once an impossible task — efficient communications!

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Why Brampton, Ontario Businesses Trusts Intratel

For business telephone systems in Brampton, Intratel is a favourite supplier. After years of service, Intratel has become the trusted go-to supplier of business telephone systems in Brampton, Ontario and beyond. 

This is because of our stellar reputation for providing dependable and reliable communication solutions, backed by a world-class team of customer service experts who provide personalized support to each and every one of our clients. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining the latest technologies, offering competitive pricing options that meet an array of budget requirements, and providing fast turnaround times for installations and repairs. Our clients trust Intratel for their on-premise PBX for business in Brampton because they know that they can be sure of receiving professional attention and an exemplary quality product every time.