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Unify your organization across all departments with unique cloud-based office phone systems in Toronto equipped with fantastic voice, video, and communication capabilities. With a strong team of experienced technicians, we can cater to your organization's specific needs and requirements, particularly when it comes to smooth business communication. 

Small and Medium Business VoIP Phone Services in Toronto You Can Trust

Cloud-based phone systems have changed how the corporate world communicates with each other. VoIP solutions today have made communication between business communities incredibly hassle-free, addressing most issues that plagued it in the past. The VoIP phone systems for Toronto businesses offered by Intratel are substantial proof. 

Clear communication is imperative for the success of any business. Through seamless communication, teams' efficiency and overall productivity can only be propelled to new heights. A bullet-proof communication system is essential in maintaining a brand's reputation and facilitating excellent customer satisfaction.

This is what Intratel aims to deliver to all clients who come to seek our business phone services in Toronto. Our services come integrated with the most advanced features that your business in Toronto needs to thrive and survive in today's cut-throat environment. Features like an auto-call attendant, IM/SMS, video conferencing, etc., are hallmarks of our solutions and help boost your team's productivity while improving your business's bottom line. 

With Intratel as your communication partner, your business benefits from customizable, highly scalable solutions that have earned us many happy clients in Toronto and other major regions across Canada. 

Why Choose Us: The Intratel Advantage

What makes Intratel the best for Toronto's business communication systems? Beyond transforming the way your business communicates and operates, here are some of the other benefits of working with us:

  • We offer 99.99% network uptime, so you never have to worry about downtime or disruptions
  • We offer custom solutions to meet your specific business needs and desires. 
  • We have a 97% customer retention rate, keeping our clients happy and satisfied with their service
  • We don’t require contracts, so you have the freedom to choose our services without signing an agreement to a long-term commitment. 

Plus, we are 100% Canadian service, providing customer support to meet your unique needs. 

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Our Services

At Intratel, we offer a wide range of telecommunication solutions to empower any business, no matter the size. With our VoIP features and other phone solutions, you can feel more empowered to enhance your communication lines, streamline operations and improve overall customer service and engagement. Let’s take a closer look at the services we have to offer. 

Business VoIP Phone Lines

Equip your business, no matter the size, with our Internet business lines for a telephone solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing PBX or Intratel-provided phone systems

Call Centre Phone Solutions

Get call center and telephone answering solutions loaded with features suitable for call centers, both small and large, that are fully tailored according to your business model. 

Hosted PBX for Toronto Businesses

Hosted PBX systems pack advanced call management features that enable you to direct calls as needed and capture messages when it's after-hours and the system is offline.

On-premise PBX for Toronto Businesses

Our PBX Phone System can manage, transfer, and customize calling features for outbound and inbound calls and comes loaded with features like call recording and queue monitoring. 

Cloud Call Centre Solution

Enable seamless collaboration, capture critical customer success metrics, and deploy real-time and long-term solutions through interactive controls and historical analytics.

Toronto Business Phone Solutions Catering to the Needs of Your Business

We offer personalized phone services by keeping your particular business model in mind. We offer services to best serve  your business's specific needs and requirements, regardless of your industry or scale of operation. Rest assured, the phone system we offer will integrate seamlessly with your organization's existing communication system for optimum efficiency.

Our Business Phone Features:

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