9 Key Features Required in Modern Business Phone Systems

9 Fundamental Aspects Today's Business Phone Systems Must Have

With the current telephone infrastructure, changing technology, and evolving systems, companies and organizations need to adapt and change to more advanced telephone systems. Today, our latest technology supports VoIP and mobile, making business processes easy, smooth, and fast.

However, the valuable features of the phone system are essential to realizing the full potential of your business. Below, we list the key features you should consider when switching to an IP PBX system.

1. Call Transfer

Today’s phone systems have a real-time call forward feature that allows colleagues and customers to contact you on your mobile or other available communication devices. This feature allows you to customize settings to connect to all your devices simultaneously or as your choice. If you can’t reach all devices, your phone system will automatically route the caller to your voicemail.

2. Call waiting services

If you’re on the phone, call waiting will secretly notify you in the background that there is an additional incoming call. This feature will allow you to decide what action to take, such as calling, putting the caller on hold, or sending voicemail when your conversation ends.

3. Do not disturb

This feature is self-explanatory- this allows you to stop receiving incoming calls for a specific period, which is especially useful when meeting or doing something fundamental.

4. Conference call

The ability to organize video or audio meetings with multiple employees or clients in different locations is a feature of easy modern management through reliable telephone systems with call conferencing capabilities. That will showcase the company’s professionalism and the flexibility of your business in terms of your operational business matters. You can make these calls through the softphone applications on the computer or through the tabletop IP phone units.

5. Auto-attendant

The auto-attendant is the core of the business phone system. It is part of the call that welcomes callers, provides them with a list of options, and relies on the option entered using the telephone keypad to direct them to the appropriate section or extension. Auto-attendant becomes essential even in small organizations, especially for organizations without dedicated staff for the reception duty.

6. Recording features

Call recording is another essential feature for businesses. When you can record calls, you can improve customer perception and satisfaction. This feature forms an audio file that you can retrieve, archive, share, or review from the system server.

7. Security

Security is essential for all businesses, large or small- This is because potential customers and business partners always face a safe and secure environment, which prevents hackers and malicious people from accessing critical information. In addition, many commercial phone systems today rely on the cloud, which means company data is secure because these systems are equipped with a firewall.

8. Call recording and analysis

Most IP PBX systems provide:

  • Only basic call recording features.
  • Recording all incoming and outgoing calls as well as the date.
  • Time and duration of each call.

However, your PBX system should be able to sort call logs by type and duration and download call logs into Excel spreadsheets for a more detailed logging and reliable design.

9. Active call control

This control feature allows supervisors and managers to listen to calls, instruct employees, especially trainees, and join ongoing calls. In addition, this feature makes it more convenient for administrators to monitor employee performance, making it easier to achieve customer satisfaction.

The real challenge is running the business and ensuring that the company runs smoothly. However, investing in an IP PBX system with specific features should make your job easier and more manageable.

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