How Small Businesses Can Benefit From VoIP

The corporate world at large is moving further away from traditional technology in favor of modern solutions as we move into the 2nd decade of the 21st century. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than the quick switch we’ve seen small businesses around the world make to VoIP solutions. If you dig deeper, you’ll find plenty of legitimate reasons as to why this is the case.A VoIP solution basically refers to cloud-based technology that allows phone calls over the internet instead of traditional landlines. VoIP was a landmark innovation that changed how businesses across the globe communicated. It tore down whatever barriers to communication remained and in its place built a formidable channel that facilitated smooth, uninterrupted conversations.Small businesses, in particular, can benefit immensely from such technology. In fact, with more VoIP providers entering the market, we’ve seen small businesses in large numbers gravitate towards this technology. In this article, we would like to list down all the various reasons why small businesses are switching to VoIP solutions. So without much further ado, let’s get started.

1 – Enhanced Customer Experience

Your business needs a professional phone setup. This includes an automated attendant that can greet your callers with a professional-sounding message. Traditional PBX systems simply aren’t cut out for this anymore. With VoIP solutions, however, even small brick and mortar stores can equip their businesses with a solid full-featured communication system. Small businesses can leverage several key VoIP features to improve customer experience. Aside from professional sounding automated greetings, VoIP can also help with missed call texting, call analytics, and automatic call distribution. Furthermore, VoIP also allows businesses to track call data. As such, you can keep note of all the inbound calls, placed calls, missed calls, answered calls, and important details like the source of the call with the help of a robust VoIP system.

2 – Saving Costs

VoIP has major cost-saving benefits for small businesses. On average, a small business can save up to 30-50% in expenses by simply switching to a VoIP phone system. VoIP allows businesses to save money by lowering long-distance bills and monthly service bills. Businesses can also save a lot as VoIP doesn’t require extensive setup or customization when compared with traditional phone systems. VoIP also involves fewer equipment to install. Suffice to say, VoIP’s cost-saving benefit is a major appealing factor for small businesses.

3 – Fewer Missed Calls

Missed calls can be detrimental to your business. Unless you want to drive your business into the ground, you cannot afford to miss calls that usually come from clients or customers. With VoIP, you reduce your missed call volume considerably. VoIP allows the automatic rerouting of calls to multiple phones. As such, if one member of your staff is missing, someone else can immediately pick up the call in his/her place.

Moreover, VoIP solutions today also come with a feature called ‘missed call texting’. As such, after a missed call, an immediate text message is sent to your caller informing them the reason why you weren’t able to receive the call, what time you will be free and whether you will call them back. VoIP helps you maintain customer text by handling missed calls in a more efficient way.

4 – The Flexibility of Mobile Use

With VoIP solutions in place, staff members can receive official calls via their own personal mobile phones. This is a remarkable feature, especially in a time where work-from-home has almost become a new normal of sorts. Employees can make and receive calls or text messages via a recognized office number through their mobile devices. This way, employees can indulge in official matters while keeping personal information separate from their professional work on their mobile phones.

5 – Highly Scalable

Businesses don’t want to stay in the same position forever. They would scale and expand their operations. As such, you need a communication system that scales with your business as well. This is difficult with traditional landlines but not so much with VoIP. You don’t need to spend extra money to accommodate newly hired employees with a new number.

All VoIP requires you to do is simply log into the VoIP software and make a few adjustments. You can also switch your office space conveniently without having to replace your existing phone system if you are using hosted VoIP solutions.

6 – Seamless Integration with Enterprise Software

VoIP is a cloud-based technology. As such, it can integrate seamlessly with almost any of the enterprise management software used by your business. While not all VoIP solutions possess this feature, the ones that do, make running a business look like a walk in the park. With an integrated solution, you can not only see who is calling but also see their entire record. Staff members who receive calls from clients can instantly refer to detailed information that pops up on their computer screen alongside the call. This makes them better positioned to handle the client.

7 – Low Maintenance

Like we said before, small businesses suffer from limited funds. Therefore, it would help to have a phone system in place that doesn’t require frequent maintenance work. As VoIP solutions require very little equipment and are incredibly easy to set up, there is little to no maintenance required.

Hosted VoIP solutions are even easier to use. You don’t need any technical expertise to run them or fix any issue that may pop up. Small businesses can save oodles of money on maintenance costs alone by switching to VoIP solutions. The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are several legitimate reasons for small businesses to embrace VoIP solutions. They are easy to set up, require little to no maintenance, are highly scalable, and are capable of saving a lot of money for your business. They make the prospect of running a business less stressful and more efficient.

However, simply switching to a VoIP phone system will not yield the desired result. You also need to approach the right vendors to ensure your business is integrated with a reliable VoIP connection. This is where Intratel’s VoIP business phone services come into play.

Intratel arms your business with state-of-the-art VoIP infrastructure that can work seamless with your existing PBX and Intratel provided phone system.

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