At the risk of stating the obvious, no business can hope to survive without a proper communication channel connecting it to its pool of clients and customers. In other words, you need a robust communication system that helps the parties your business associates with reach out to you without any hurdles. 

With a diverse range of plans and options to choose from, Intratel offers a proven business phone service that facilitates convenient conversation and helps build lasting customer relationships. 

We equip your business with the best alternative to traditional phone lines and promote hassle-free communication. You can respond, direct and monitor large volumes of calls effortlessly with phone cloud-based phone systems like Voice-Over-IP, Call Center Management and Hosted PBX, etc. 

Over the years, we’ve helped many businesses establish a 5-star rated network with their associates. As such, we’ve been lauded as one of the best business phone service providers in the Industry today. 

Robust Business Phone Services Tailored for All Types of Businesses

When it comes to local phone service providers in Canada, we offer a diverse range of solutions to make business communication as effortless as possible. Our solutions include:

VoIP Phone Lines

Intratel offers unbeatable prices for VoIP business phone lines. Starting at just $16.95 monthly, we offer the most affordable business phone service. Build lasting customer relationships with dedicated phone lines that allow you to:

  • Connect with customers with toll-free numbers
  • Scale phone lines and customer reach as your business grows with unlimited lines and extensions
  • Reach customers and partners using Emergency Forwarding on a back-up phone
  • Register your business address with 911 emergency services for faster response
  • Unlimited North American Calling
  • Add SIP lines to your existing analog landline service.

Call Centre Solutions

Set up a customer-focused call centre that’s fully customized according to the volume of operations, so your customers can get the service they need:

  • Toll-free numbers for optimal customer contact
  • Over 15 extensions available
  • Advanced call management features of VoIP business phones and hosted PBX
  • Web-based PBX management with advanced fully interactive drag-and-drop call management
  • Real-time queue monitoring and advanced call centre metrics for performance tracking
  • View and intercept issues using an interactive call chart for fast response and identifying individual agent contribution and performance.

Hosted PBX Solutions

Intratel offers all the leading features of hosted PBX, but without the cost. Our cloud-hosted PBX service is scalable according to the growth of your enterprise, allowing you to select and equip your business with the PBX services you need.

  • Toll-free numbers for maximum customer outreach
  • Unlimited Canada and US calling, with low international rates
  • Unlimited lines scalable to the size of your enterprise
  • A full suite of call management features, including call notifications and caller ID, call queuing, call waiting, call parking, call recording, and 3-way calling for quick conferencing, with a customizable IVR or auto-attendant
  • Digital two-way faxing for fast document transmission
  • Digital call management using the advanced voicemail to email message delivery and retrieval accessed using a dedicated web interface and smartphone apps.

Cloud Contact Centre Solutions

Intratel offers a revolutionary cloud call centre service to empower businesses like yours with state-of-the-art customer experience solutions. Deployable within minutes, your team can answer, direct, and report on calls and customer queries from virtually anywhere.

  • Expert call management through a dedicated platform with intuitive controls
  • Leverage cloud-based solutions to collaborate with agents, organize workflows, and track progress through consistent call monitoring and aggregated analytics
  • Connect the cloud call centre platform to customer management software, such as Salesforce and ZenDesk.

High Speed Internet

While Intratel’s voice services work with nearly any high speed Internet, we provide reliable Internet service to complement our voice offerings. Some of our features:

  • 99.9% Uptime
  • VoIP Optimized for Quality
  • 100% Canadian Network
  • Static IP Address Always Included
  • Modem Always Included
  • Broadband & DSL Services Available

Live Answer Services

We provide 24-7 inbound and outbound contact centre services. We are highly focused on coaching and training our representatives to provide the same exceptional service to customers while saving your company the cost of hiring, training, and employing in-house support staff.

  • Customized packages to suit your individual needs
  • Bi-lingual (French and English)
  • 24-7 Help desk
  • All calls recorded for quality assurance
  • Caller ID captured
  • Sales lead generation
  • Survey calls
  • Email / SMS communications & management


Secure Toll-Free Numbers for Your Business

As the best local phone service provider in Canada, Intratel can help your business get toll-free numbers that come with Hosted PBX, Call Centre Solutions, VoIP, and On-Premise PBX

SIP Trunking

Regardless of your business’s size, we can arm your business with SIP Trunking to effectively enhance the reliability and decrease the costs of your phone system. Intratel’s SIP Trunking is available with Call Centre Solutions, VoIP, and On-Premise PBX

PBX Management

Monitor and manage all crucial aspects of on-premise PBX phone system with Intratel’s web-based PBX management software. The software also helps you automatically configure or upgrade phone systems.

Voicemail to Email

Leverage our voicemail to email feature, available with Intratel’s On-Premise PBX and Hosted PBX systems, which allows you to access voicemails anytime, anywhere via your emails. 

Virtual Receptionist

Never miss a call with Intratel’s auto attendant feature that will attend calls on your behalf with a customized professional greeting any time of the day. This features is available with Intratel’s On-Premise PBX and Hosted PBX phone service. 

Call Recording

Record Calls, Listen-in on live calls, etc. with Intratel’s call recording feature for call centres, and PBX phone services. Both outbound and inbound calls can be recorded automatically. These recordings can be accessed and downloaded anytime. 

Multi Line Business Phone Service

Create multiple extensions for a single phone line. All phone extensions are easy to manage and allow callers to connect to the right person at all times by dialling the extension number that best suits their requirement. 

Video Conferencing Solutions

Get business-grade, secure and fully-integrated video conferencing solutions with Intratel’s On-Premise PBX and Hosted PBX phone service. Our video conferences accommodate up to 100 participants and feature no time limits.

Areas We Serve

We provide unmatched business phone services across Ontario, Canada.