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Whether you’re placing an order, inquiring about service standards, collaborating within teams on a conference call, or reaching out to vendors, phone calls play a pivotal role in the functioning of businesses. The importance of having the right business phone service provider cannot be understated. Ensuring operations run smoothly and efficiently is essential, encouraging a robust and steady workflow. Intratel Communications, your top choice for business phone service in Toronto, offers leading phone services for businesses suitable for all sizes. Whether you are a small start-up requiring small business phone service or a large call center, we have solutions tailored to your needs. Each business phone service is adjusted according to the size of your operations and the daily call volume, ensuring fast and reliable communication with customers and partners.

Features of our Business Phone Service

Business phone service from Intratel is packed with leading connectivity and communication features designed to help you turn every phone call into a productive customer interaction or collaborative opportunity.

Experience the wealth of features with our business phone services:

  • Toll-free numbers for convenient access to customer support
  • Unlimited Canada and US calling for coast-to-coast and across-the-border reach
  • Low international calling rates for scaling global operations
  • Unlimited lines and scalable extensions for fast customer response, depending on the availability of high-speed bandwidth
  • Advanced call management features including fully customizable IVR or auto-attendant, caller ID, call waiting, call parking, call queuing, music on hold, and call notifications
  • Extension monitoring and call recording to support initiatives for improving customer response times
  • 3-way calling for seamless team and vendor collaboration
  • Full mobile integration with compatible smartphone applications and a web-based call management platform
  • Voicemail-to-email retrieval for fast message delivery and response
  • Digital two-way faxing for clear and secure document transmission
  • Multi-point redundancy built-in through digital call management using popular phone services such as PBX and VoIP
  • Low investment required — all you need is a business phone line!


Additional Features for Business Phones

Broaden your reach and ensure successful customer and partner interactions with these unique virtual phone system for small business features from Intratel. Dive into the capabilities of our small business virtual phone system and harness their combined power with advanced call management solutions:

Find Me and Follow Me

Reduce the number of missed calls and connect with customers and vendors for the first time using this feature in our virtual business phone systems. It enables users to be reachable via a dedicated smartphone extension.

Per extension voicemail

With our digital phone system, customize each voicemail inbox to deliver memorable, personalized service, starting with tailored greetings and settings.

Additional features

This includes remote message retrieval using voicemail-to-email courtesy of our internet phone service for business, schedule-based call routing ensuring swift customer response tailored for phone service small businesses, hunt groups, extension paging for incoming calls, BLF monitoring, and seamless call transferring.

Experience Unmatched Clarity and Efficiency with Our Business Phone Services

Intratel Advantages in Business Phone Service

Fully Customized Solutions

Intratel equips businesses with leading phone services small businesses solutions, and advanced call management features, regardless of the size of your operations now or in the future. Our small business phone services are 100% scalable - so whether you need two or ten lines today and double that tomorrow, we cater to your unique needs. We ensure you achieve your customer outreach goals seamlessly by supplying the exact number of lines and extensions required.

Our Service Guarantee

At Intratel, as a premier business phone service provider in the GTA, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch business phone systems for small businesses and advanced call management solutions. With us, you won't be restricted by the confines of pre-packaged plans or face the inconveniences of long contract lock-in periods. Your satisfaction is more than just a goal; it's our guarantee. At Intratel, we prioritize delivering small business telephone services and advanced call management solutions tailor-made for your current operational size and with scalability in mind for your future growth.

Flexible Service

At Intratel, we understand that every business has distinct requirements. That's why our phone services for businesses are tailored to each client. We don't offer a one-size-fits-all package - every plan is meticulously designed to ensure you have access to the best phone services for small businesses without straining your budget. Standing out from many competitors, Intratel offers a no-contract, no-lock-in guarantee. This flexibility ensures that as you explore and find the phone services and small business solutions perfect for you, you're not bound by unnecessary limitations.

Unbeatable Custom Service

Understanding the essence of office phone service and its importance for your business's success, we ensure a level of service that resonates with your brand's commitment to its customers. With Intratel, you're choosing more than just a phone service small business solution; you're opting for fast, effective, and personalized responses tailored to your specific business requirements. Our guarantee? A fully customizable digital phone system and phone systems small business service, ensuring the right communication solutions at every step of your growth journey.

Delivering Affordable Quality

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer telephone solutions for small businesses tailored precisely to what you need. With Intratel, you can unlock savings without the limitations of contracts or lock-in periods. Whether you need an office phone services business solution, a virtual small business phone systems setup, or just a business phone for small businesses, we ensure you get value for every dollar you invest.

VoIP and PBX Integrations

Integrate your business internet phones with VoIP and either hosted or on-premise PBX to tap into benefits like network connectivity and next-generation call management features. Essential tools like web-based monitoring and call recording can significantly enhance call center operations and continuous customer support. When considering phone system for offices or seeking reliable phone service providers for small businesses, look no further. Opt for a future-ready business phone service with Intratel and enjoy a suite of features, from a virtual phone system for business to small business phone solutions and beyond.

Customized Solutions for Every Need: Explore Our Business Phone Services

Let’s Talk Business Phone Service

Whether you’re looking for small business phone and internet service, business telephone service providers, or simply exploring small business telephone solutions, we’re here to help. 

Contact us today and let us know about your business and communication needs. We have a solution just for you!

Our Service Area

We are proud to provide the best business phone service and solutions to the Greater Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe region, which includes the cities of:


At Intratel, we offer a variety of phone systems to meet the diverse needs of businesses. This includes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems, cloud-based PBX systems, etc. Our solutions are customizable to fit the specific requirements of your business.

Absolutely! We understand the importance of maintaining business continuity, so we make it easy to port your existing phone number to our service with minimal disruption.

Our pricing is designed to be transparent and scalable. We offer different pricing plans based on the number of users, features required, and the level of support needed. Our plans are designed to grow your business, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

Our phone systems are designed for easy setup. We provide clear instructions and support throughout the process. Our team of experts is available for more complex setups to ensure a smooth transition with minimal downtime.

Security is a top priority for us. Our systems use advanced encryption and security protocols to protect your data and communications. We regularly update our systems to stay ahead of potential threats.

Getting started is simple. Contact us to discuss your needs, and we’ll recommend a suitable plan. Once you’ve chosen your plan, we’ll guide you through the setup process and provide all the support you need to get up and running smoothly.

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